Approach and confession prayer 20 December 2020

Creator of the Universe

the time is drawing near

nearer and nearer

for us to celebrate


God with us

though near, it’s far away

filled with hope and fear

blended together

joy and sorrow

mingled closely

is that how Mary felt, as she accepted your call on her life?

Hope – that you were coming, to fulfil the dreams of her song

fear – at what would become of her relationship with Joseph

joy – at what the Mighty One has done for her

sorrow – that plans she had were in tatters

Creator of the Universe

we come, with all the hopes and fears

of this and every year

knowing they are met in you


God with us

as we gather

surround us with the presence of the Spirit

assist us to hear anew the old, old story

fill our hearts with praise

accept the worship we offer

though it may be in a minor key

a blend of joy and sorrow, hope and fear

may Mary’s story and song inspire us

and remind us

of your mercy, extending from generation to generation who love you

in promises made to Abraham and his descendants forever

God of Mary

we are your humble servants

in humility, we pause to confess our sins

in the things we have said

and failed to say

in the things we have done

and failed to do

do not turn you face from us

send your forgiveness anew to us

that we may truly worship you this, and everyday, through Christ Jesus we pray