Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 11 August 2019

The Lord is our shield

our hearts rejoice in God

for God’s unfailing love is with us

wherever we go

whatever we do

In God’s unfailing love

we are inheritors of God’s kingdom

we are parts of the Body of Christ

we are filled with the Holy Spirit

and for that, God is to be greatly praised

Lord God

we thank you we can store up treasure which lasts for eternity

which cannot be stolen,

which cannot fail

assist us to be prepared to work as inheritors of the kingdom

so, when our Master, Christ Jesus returns in all his glory

we are ready

we have have done all we can to be kingdom people

people who bring peace into our homes

our communities

our country

your world

to treasure peace

which we thank you Lord God

is one of the great gift Christ Jesus has given us

Prince of Peace

the task of peace is big and daunting

we cannot do it alone

but in trust and love, we bring before you people, places and situations which long for peace

homes filled with anger and fear

minds filled with anxiety and worry

communities divided through mistrust and mudslinging

the dying

the mourning

military personnel on deployment and their families

those struggling to come to terms with who they are or who they love

those whose exam results have thrown their plans out the window

patients waiting results

countries torn apart through conflict

Peace bringing Christ

hear these our prayers

and guide us, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to, in all the ways we can

to be peacemakers and peace bringers

as we show, in love, the kingdom of God