Approach and confession prayer 30 January 2022

Eternal Father

Robed in splendour

the earth is your footstool

the heavens your dominion

glory and honour and praise belong to you and you alone

in awe and wonder

we come

bowing before your throne of grace

with hearts open to know you more

with minds open to receive greater knowledge of your love

for us

and all human kind

may we listen to your voice

truly hear your Word to us

that Word enfleshed in Christ Jesus

through whom we have been set free

from our captive lives

lives of anger and bitterness

lives of pain and hurt

lives of shame and remorse

through the power of his forgiving love

once again this day

in the company of our siblings in Christ

we pause to confess our sins before God


Christ Jesus assures us

he came to set the prisoner and captive free

may you know you are forgiven of the sins which hold you captive

freed from all wrongdoing

may the power of the Holy Spirit rest upon you today

bringing healing, comfort, grace and love

as we worship

God, Father, Son, Spirit