Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 24 October 2021

When we seek the Lord

when we cry out

Son of David, have mercy on me”


Christ calls to us


what do you want me to do for you?”

we are healed

set free

given new purpose

new life

a calling to follow

the Way of the Master

what joy we have in this knowledge

that we came to Jesus as we are

and receive the path to eternal life

through the One who is blameless

and set apart

our great High Priest

Christ Jesus

praise we lay at your feet

we throw our cloaks off

that your love may envelop us

without barrier

as your love envelops us

may it envelop others

those on the margins of our society, who are pressed upon from all sides

the beggar

the trans person

those who live in the wrong end of town

the street worker

the drug addict

as they call to you, “Son of David, have mercy on us”

may they receive mercy

and may all barriers to seeking you, Christ Jesus

be taken from them

Barrier breaking One

through your life, death and resurrections

barriers were broken down

come again and break down barriers

of anger, prejudice, poverty, unwillingness to understand

the list could go on and on

come again and break down the barriers

of hate and suffering

pain and sorrow

enter every heart

have mercy on each soul

heal them to know your great love

which knows no bounds

Boundless Love

envelop the world with your love

where there is war, bring peace

where there is despair in life, bring hope

where there is emptiness, bring fulfilment

and in all things, may the church be the place where all, when the cry “Son of David, have mercy on me” may receive mercy, forgiveness, love