Approach and confession prayer 20 September 2020

Great is God

Great and worthy of all our praise

all our adoration

bow in awe and wonder at the Lord’s Holy Name

celebrate the goodness of God

who is rich is love

stretches out mighty hands to shape galaxies and mountains

and across a wooden cross

such is the depth of God’s love

revealed in Christ Jesus

in whom we gather

through whom we pray

by whom we know the saving power love

which came from heaven

entering the world

full of the glory of God the Father

this is the God we bow before this day

and offer our prayers, our hurt, our joy, our longing

at the feet which were pierced for us

we look

knowing it was our sin

all that gets in to the way of love

which caused those wounds

and we turn away with sorrow and shame

yet, the hands rough from working wood

run through by nails

reach out to us

touching us with compassion

kissing us gently with love

looking into our eyes and saying

you are forgiven. Truly, you are. Now, come, listen to my words and follow me.”

Lord Jesus Christ

how we hope our worship is acceptable to you

how we hope our lives reflect your glory

how we hope this church may be where heaven is a place on earth

through your presence to us in and through the Holy Spirit

weaving between us all