Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 23 April 2017

Lord God

Our joy, our delight

we praise and thank you that through Christ Jesus the path of life has been made known to us

life, which blesses, nourishes, loves

life, which we can see through buds turning to leaves

life, which we see in the contentment of a new born child

life, which we see in the caring touch of a friend

for all this, and more, we thank you

we bring before you all this day, known and unknown to us, for whom life is not joyous, happy, worth living

The children who have never seen trees or grass

the isolated, who go days without seeing another person, let alone feeling the warm touch of companionship

the couples who long to hold a child in their arms, but cannot


Comfort them all, in your great mercy and love, Lord God

may they come to know you are with them

may they come to know the beauty of life around them

and grant to us the willingness to be the ones who offer the warm hand of friendship to the isolated

the understanding and empathy those who long to be parents need

and the willingness to challenge structures which mean the most deprived in our land and throughout your world cannot have beauty in their lives, in their communities.


Christ our King

We praise and thank you for sending your Holy Spirit, which swept through your disciples

granting them the confidence to reach beyond their comfort zones and familiarity to preach of your resurrection

their actions and words called added to your disciples and began to build your church

we thank you for their words and the words and actions of generations, a unbroken chain of faith

through which we, too, have heard that Christ is risen

He is risen indeed

As have Christians throughout the world

all our family, our brothers and sisters

we bring before you, Christ Jesus, those in your body who are persecuted for their beliefs

those who struggle to cast off the burden of guilt

those who cannot imagine speaking out to others of their belief of a risen Christ to others

Send your Holy Spirit to each one

to bring comfort, support or challenge

so in their lives you may be honoured

and given all the glory

and grant to us, to, the power and conviction to be part of your living, breathing church

in this parish

and in the communities in which we live and work and shop and rest and play

that, in your time all may know

Christ is risen

He is risen indeed