Mary said yes

Mary said “Yes”

I wonder, did she realise what that ‘yes’ meant?

That her cousin’s unborn child would leap on meeting her

That her fiancé would consider breaking off the engagement

That she would have to give birth far from home, in a place normally used by animals

All because Mary said “Yes”

Mary said “Yes”

and farm workers and members of an obscure Persian sect were the first to worship her son

Worship her son, whom she’d held at her breast

whose nappies she’d changed

whose bottom she’d cleaned

was worthy of all the world’s praises

because Mary said “Yes”

Mary said “Yes”

and the world received her King

a King who Mary would love all his life through

watch in wonder at who he’d become

look on with a pain as sharp as a sword to her heart

as the child she bore

Died on Calvary

so all the world would know

Love, eternity

because Mary said “Yes”