Approach and confession prayer 29 May 2022

God, Most High

The One who reigns on heaven and earth

let all creation be glad

the song thrush and the blue whale

the mountain and the loch

let all creation bow

in worship

before the throne of God

the throne, which is built on righteousness and justice

judging with love and compassion

all the peoples

that everyone may see God’s glory

may we see that glory today

in our worship

and in our daily living

ever praising the Lord’s holy name

which is above all names

and brings joy to upright hearts

Lord God

Father, Son, Spirit

bring joy to our hearts today

we rejoice we may know you

through Jesus, the Son

we delight we are filled with light

through the Holy Spirit

what wonder it is to know you

as our God and King

even though, as we come before your throne

we know there’s times our hearts have not been upright

we’ve been prisoners of the aye been, and long to break those chains

we’ve been prisoners of unjust systems, and long to break those chains

we’ve been prisoners of our own past hurts and mistakes, and long to break those chains

we pray

with earnest and humble hearts

we pray

and offer all our sins at your throne

Lord God

knowing in your great mercy

you will judge us with compassion

breaking the chains which would bind us

that we may worship and witness to your glory

through Jesus