Approach and confession prayer 19 July 2020

Like a search light, on the ramparts

God, you search us and know us

your light sweeps over us

we cannot escape its beam

even the darkness cannot hide us

from the love you long to pour out on us

Shine that light beam into our lives today

reveal to us the path you guide us on

reach out your hand, that we may cling to it

and know you are with us

this and every day

Infinite One

you know us inside out

nothing we say or do

nothing we think is hidden from your gaze

no matter where we go

you protect us and guard us

such knowledge is too wonderful for us to grasp

too high for us to obtain

we cannot flee the Spirit’s presence

assist us to feel her with us

and to be open to her guiding

Guiding One

we long to be good seed

to grow your kingdom where we are

but we know there are weeds within us

growing strong

weeds of fear and anger

weeds of impatience and frustration

weeds of intolerance and injustice

for feeding and watering

for allowing these weeds to grow

we are sorry and we seek your forgiveness

revealed to us in Christ Jesus our Lord

May we know and live as those who are forgiven

and called to be good seed for the world