Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 6 August 2017

Lord God

Honour and glory are yours and yours alone

How can we even begin to thank you for all you are?

All you have done for us, for the world?

It seems too wonderful for us to declare

too much for us to cover in a simple prayer, formed by our inadequate human words

but in your mercy, your hear our heartfelt prayers

so we offer you that which we can

thanks for food we can share with others

thanks for fellowship shared here

may our sharing of food extend beyond those we know well, that all may be filled at the feast you prepare for the world

may our giving of food to help those struggling to feed their families be generous, that there may truly be no cost, that there is more than enough to go round all in our community who need something to eat.

Christ Jesus

We thank you for inviting us, as your disciples, to take what we have and use it in your service

Show us how we can use what we have to your honour and glory, that all are fed

fed physically, spiritually, emotionally

We recall before you, Heavenly King

those who are known to us who long to be fed

those whose stomachs are empty, as they struggle to make ends meet

those who never eat with another, as they are housebound. lonely

those who feel no one would wish to eat with them, for they are ex-offenders

those who feel so unvaluable, they do not think they are worthy to eat with others

Lord God

May they know, through your Holy Spirit they are worthy to sit at your table, they are important to you

and may we be the people, as your disciples, who take that which we can give, food, time, a listening ear, to be with those who the world overlooks

that they may know your promise is true

that they may eat the best of food

that they may be filled with your peace

that they may be blessed with your love

Holy Spirit

Guide us to reach out in love so that those who cry and weep,

those who sorrow and mourn

may be comforted, healed, restored

though the abundance of God flowing from us