Intercession 22 November 2015

Christ our King

we give thanks you are our king, our Lord, our master.

The one on whom we can rely,

the one on whom we place our trust, our hope.

These are blessings beyond measure, more precious to us than jewels or gold.

Sometimes it seems like a daft thing to do, to place our hope and trust in you and your coming kingdom.

We look around and struggle to see the signs.

As children are ripped from their mothers’ arms.

As the pattern of weather changes, causing flooding and drought.

As your word is distorted to reflect what people want, and not to reflect your kingdom.

Why, our Saviour, do you allow these things to happen?

Why, our Lord, do you not use your authority to bring an end to all which brings pain and sorrow and weeping?

Why, Risen Christ, don’t you come now, and sort this horrible mess we’ve got ourselves into once and for all?


Oh, Lord, it’s not as simple as that, is it?

May we give thanks and remember your reign is not that of earthly kings.

You reign with justice and mercy, grace and love.

Coming into the world, as a helpless child,

living and walking and talking will us.

Showing through all you did 2000 years ago how we, and all your people, should live.

Christ, the cornerstone on which we build our faith

We thank you for your church, a worldwide family of your people.

People called to be priests for all the nations, showing through our witness, our lives, our love of you that you are indeed king over all heaven and earth.

Called to be kingdom people, sowing seeds of justice, mercy, grace and love

That through our worship and service of you

the kingdom may grow and flourish

and all people, all the earth, all creation

will come to know their true King

The king of peace

Jesus Christ, our Lord