Thanksgiving and intercession 21 February 2016

Lord God almighty

how much do we forget you are our father and our mother

you birthed us, you provide for us, you care for our every needs,

you long, so deeply, to gather all your children in your arms

we are blessed to know this is what you wish to do for us, despite everything, to hold us, to show us your forgiveness, to love us

Oh, Lord, we pray for all the people known and unknown to us who cannot grasp the idea you are a nurturing God, always desiring to gather your children under the protection of your wings

it saddens us to think many people throughout your world do not this of you

may we, in this place, in the communities we know, offer a better view of your care and concern in the ways we can

our smiles, our patience, our very presence

that through your holy spirit’s guidance they may, in time, be willing to be held by their loving mother.

Mothering God

we bless you for our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, godchildren

they are a joy and a treasure to us

assist us to care for them in all the ways we can, and to spend time with them, so they know love

We recall before you those who find it difficult to relate to children.

They don’t know what to say, they worry their actions may be misjudged, they did not have a good childhood themselves

Grant them peace and knowledge to know children are people too, who long to be listened to, valued, included

and guide us to include all your children, young and old, in the things we do as a church community, so in the fellowship they may be embraced

Grieving Lord

we know you weep when your children are in pain, in sorrow, in despair

and we bring before you this day all who mourn, whether for those who died long ago, or for children lost so young, so soon

comfort them, Lord God.

Gather them in your arms and allow them to cry on your shoulder

and grant to us the grace and wisdom to bring comfort where there seems little

Christ Jesus, through whom God’s covenant was shown to the world, these are our prayer, spoken and written on our hearts.