The spices prepared with heavy hearts

The spices prepared with heavy hearts

the very early morning journey

weeping outside the tomb

sobs of pain, of why she was here

of what she was here to do

there, two angels, but no body

how can that be?

Did her tears turn to wails?

I don’t know where they have put him”

why would they – whoever they are – move his body?

A noise, behind her

she turns

sees someone.

It’s a garden, it must be the gardener

yes, that’s it. That’s the only logical explanation

the gardener has moved his body

Sir, if you’ve carried him off somewhere, tell me where you have put him.”


one word which would change everything.


spoken in love, with tenderness, with compassion

One word which said

I am alive. Death is overcome. This is the resurrection.”

and in that moment, Mary knew who the one Word truly was

Her master, her friend, Jesus Christ

in that Word, Mary became the one to tell the world

Christ is risen

He is risen indeed