Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 13 January 2019

Uniting Lord

in you, there is perfect unity

trinity, that loving dance of Father, Son and Holy Spirit

in harmony

God in three persons

into which we are invited to join the waltz

blending our movement into a great ceilidh

where all can join

all can know love and fellowship and care and compassion

this is a blessing for us to know we are part of this

we look at those on the sidelines

not knowing how to join in, but wanting to

show us how to teach them the rhythm of your dance

to reach our our hands, help them stand and come into the great movement

that they can join in without judgement or fear that they won’t get it right

we look to those on the sidelines

who say “I cannot dance.”

but they can, yet think they are not good enough

to join with the dance of all creation

the dance which Christ invites us to

turning lives towards God’s ways

and living, loving, joyfully unashamedly dancing along with the one in whom they are baptised

Baptised Jesus

it is through that act we were shown a different way

there was no dance you wouldn’t dance

no person you wouldn’t invite to join with you

you even invited us, such as us to dance in and through and with you

that is a glorious thing, worthy of our praise and gratitude

in our baptism

we are reminded you did not come as expected

and invite us to go to the unexpected places

and dance for you

to the places where there is darkness

and we need to be your light

to the places where there is suffering

and we need to be your comfort

to the places where there is destruction

and we need to be your restorers

to the places where there is hopelessness

and we need to be your encouragers

it is much much dancing we need to do in the world

we don’t know all the moves

we may not like all the music

but united as we are to all Christ’s followers through baptism

we know there is music of life and love for all God’s people, for all of creation

to join in with the great ceilidh of God’s love

which we are just a wee part of

and long to continue to be part of