Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 23 January 2022

Lord God

we honour and praise you

for creating diversity in this world

giving choice


varying opportunities to know you

from the view on lofty mountain tops

to the tired nurse caring for the dying patient

you are there

this is wonderful for us to know

help us to know and understand it more and more

Abundant One

in your goodness and mercy

we are blessed with good things

our homes and families

friends and neighbours

our church family

and our connection to the whole, worldwide church

as part of Christ’s body

thank you for these connections

and assist us to use them to your glory and honour

Connecting Christ

this world seems both very connected and divided at the moment

where there are good connections

may they be strengthened and nurtured

where there is division

bring your healing, peace and mercy

assist each one of us to be bringers of connections in our communities

and, where we can, do our part to end division

Lord God

as we pray

we bring before you those, in a few moments of quiet, the people, places and situations which are in our hearts and on our minds today


accept all these our prayers, Jesus

spoken and unspoken

offered in faith and trust

you receive and answer each one