Approach and confession prayer 6 August 2017

Lord God

Heavenly King

How wonderful are your works

How awesome is your creation

It is to be seen around us in majestic beauty

from lochs and glens

to sea and mountain

it is unseen in atoms and particles

molecules and the microscopic

it can be viewed on our screens

in our humanity

for we are made from dust, particles, molecules, all drawn together in your image

made for your glorious purpose

a purpose of love

for us, for our children, for all of creation

this knowledge is too wonderful for us

too wonderful, as we come to hear your Word, to sing your praise, to offer our prayers

coming before you in humility and reverence

knowing, though we are made in your image

we are flawed creatures

we rush to follow when the going is easy, but fall away when things get more difficult

when people need fed, we send them away rather than feeding them ourselves

we forget your grace, love and mercy are abundant

we work hard doing things which bring us no pleasure, and dishonour you

Never the less, though we fail in these and many other ways to bring glory and honour to you and you alone, Lord God

we know we can come before you this hour

in obedience to your will, for you the one who forgives our sins

and sets us free to follow the path of righteousness you lead us on through Christ our Lord

May we turn from our selfish ways towards you, Lord God

that our worship may be Holy, a pleasing sacrifice of praise to the one who made us, how loves us, who gives us all we need in great abundance

May all glory and honour and praise be to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

One God, three in one and one in three