Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 29 July 2018

Lord God

for your generous provision, we give you thanks

for full bellies, homes and clothes, we give you thanks

for the opportunity to worship, we give you thanks

for the assurance that even the great King David strayed terribly from your path, we give you thanks

teach us to always try to be thankful for all the good, which comes into our lives, no matter how insignificant it might be

for, finding those moments of goodness, of joy can be the very times, in the midst of pain and suffering, we can feel you closest

as we draw close to you in thanks, may we draw close to those in your world who need our prayers and support

Those in positions of power who struggle to control the urge to abuse their power

Women who have been defiled by men

children unwanted by their fathers

those in jobs or roles where the laws and orders they are to implement are unjust

those who stand up to authority and say ‘No’

those who will not break rules to allow powerful people to cover-up their mistakes

those who devote themselves to the service of others

those who stand with the oppressed, no matter the cost

those who love God more than their lives

those who have witnessed to us through their actions

those who mourn, for the powerful have taken their loved one away

those who challenge us to be better people

those who show us how to follow Christ as we should

those in our communities of faith who are not with us this day


Lord God

we offer these our prayers, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord

be with all those whom we have prayed for and be with us as we endeavour to love you with our whole heart, soul and mind and love our neighbour as ourselves