Advent Communion 1 December 2019

It is not enough to sing God’s praises

It is not enough to follow the Son

It is not enough to be moved by the Spirit

for we must be nourished for the journey is long

the path to Salvation is narrow

yet nearer than we can imagine

to climb the mountain of the Lord

we must first be fed

Fed by the life giving bread

to ascend to the Temple of the Lord

we must first have our thirst quenched

Quenched by the covenant giving wine

Jesus longs to fed us

Jesus longs to quench our thirst

so we may know his Salvation is nearer

much nearer than we can imagine

As we imagine, just try to imagine

the nearness of Salvation

let us pray

Rejoice in the Lord

Again, I say, rejoice

for heaven and earth met in this time, at this place

as we stand before God’s throne of judgement

barely believing it is possible for us to be here

to be the people who know God

in the person and presence of Jesus in and with us



our friend

come, sit at this table

this table which is yours, not ours

this table which hold gifts brought forth from the earth

bread and wine

the ordinary things of life

used, almost daily

but here, in this time, at this place

become our feast



bless this feast with your presence

send the Holy Spirit to this bread and wine that they may become for us your body and blood

so, in taking this sacrament of grace

we may be your body and blood in the world

we may be Jesus this Advent

ever preparing and walking your way

as we walk in your light


On the night he was betrayed, after he had given thanks, Jesus broke the bread and said “this is my body, broken for you. Eat it, all of you.”

In the same way, he took the cup saying:

this cup is the new covenant sealed with my blood; drink it, all of you to remember me.”

for as often as we eat this bread and drink this wine, we remember him until be comes again.

As Jesus sat with his friends on the night he was betrayed

he sits with us too

and says to us, his take and eat

take and eat

God’s gifts for all God’s people