GA 2015 Living Stones intercession 17 May 2015

Solid Foundation, heavenly Father

Blessing and praise and thanksgiving are yours and yours alone for all you have done in our lives

giving us the chance to build our lives upon our faith in you

giving us the warmth and comfort of homes built on love and mutual support

giving us the seasons, which sometimes all happen in one day, to allow us to see your created world in the vibrancy of spring and summer, the quiet and calm of autumn and winter

all of these, and so much more, we are so grateful for, as they remind us of the cycle of life and faith and the church.

There are times for newness of life, there are times for rest, there are times for moving and times for saying where we are.

Remind us to always fix our sees upon you and to trust in your never ending goodness, your covenant made to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob, a promise in which we are included.

In calling us your church, you have placed us all in the right position to support and uphold one another, not just in this congregation, but as your church throughout the world.

We are blessed we can worship freely and openly, we recall those with whom we are united in faith, who do not have this luxury

we recall Christians in Somalia, Kenya and Libya, and throughout the world, for whom you are their true foundation, their solid rock, despite severe persecution and risk to life and limb

We bless and praise you for the times, when we weren’t looking for you or you felt far away that you came to us, burst through our prides and egos and reminded us of the promise you have for us and all the world.

Burst through into the lives of those who do not seek you, or who do not realise you are at their side, in the midst of their pain, their loss, their loneliness

Burst in and reveal to them the closeness of heaven, the closeness of your love.

And burst into our lives, burst through our walls which prevent us from sharing your love with your world that we may reach out, in love to all those who struggle to feel your presence.

Moving spirit

Move within and through your church, that is will become a breathing building of living stones bringing God glory and honour in everything she says and does

this week, we especially recall all those attending the General assembly

Grant them wisdom and understanding

vision and courage

love and peace

that in everything which is said and debated this week

your will will be done

and your love will be shown to the world

in and through Jesus Christ our Lord


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