Approach and confession prayer 17 May 2020

Praise God

All you people

Praise God

in your houses and flats

in your bungalow and tenement

in your gardens and walks

on your crofts and farms

Praise God

all you people

for great is God and worthy of all our praise

wherever we are and whatever we do

let us praise God

the maker and shaper and creator of life

in all its colour and majesty

from the fragility of cherry blossom to the grandeur of the snowy mountain top

from the baby, taking its first breath of air

to the elder person breathing their last

all are know

all are loved

all are held in the care of that creating Love


Loving One

hold us this day

remind us you will not let our feet slip

that you will lead us through this barren land

to a place of abundance

a place of blessing for us

and all the world


Christ Jesus

may we feel the Spirit’s presence with us this day

enfolding us in love

inspiring us to love

challenging us to be love

we know there are times when we have failed in our call to love you and love neighbour as self

we’ve travelled unnecessarily

we’ve been inpatient with those closest to us

we’ve tried to fill our time, rather than resting in you

for these, and a thousand other ways we’ve not followed your will, we are truly and humbly sorry

may we know your redeeming, forgiving love

made known in Christ Jesus