Approach and confession prayer 27 August 2017

May the Lord be exalted in the heavens

May the Lord be revered on the earth below

May the Lord be given glory through all creation

Praise the Lord,

Praise the name of the Lord

For God’s name is holy, everlasting

Only God’s salvation lasts forever

only God’s righteousness never fails

the grass died

the flowers wither

but the glory of God endures always

Even the mountains and hills which surround us one day will crumble and fall

Even the rivers and lochs which envelop this peninsula

will become dry land

and we, yes even we, will fade and die

Yet the glory of God,

God’s salvation, God’s righteousness endures forever

Salvation and righteousness which is for all the nations

all the nations who wait on God’s justice to prevail

we wait for the Lord’s justice to prevail

we wait patiently for the Lord

Patiently here

to offer that which we can at God’s heavenly throne

our very selves, as living sacrifices

cleanse us from all which prevents us from being holy and pleasing in your sight, Lord God

for there are times when our actions have discouraged others from coming to know God the Father

our prejudices have driven these seeking Christ Jesus away

our disdain of others has prevented the Holy Spirit working in their and our lives

in humility and penance, we turn from our sins

calling you Lord God to stretch out your hand and save us

to lift us up from our wrongdoings and go forward once more, cleansed, renewed, restored people

Free to worship God the father, son and holy spirit

in truth and love this hour