Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 28 January 2018

Lord God

we give thanks for St Andrew

your faithful servant

who followed Jesus Christ, when he called

who knew in his heart Jesus was the messiah

who told others who Jesus was

and brought them to know Jesus

teach us to do the same

to have on our lips “Jesus is the Messiah”

to know in our hearts “Jesus is Lord”

to bring his good news to those we know

May Andrew, who told his brother first, be a model for us

a model to tell those closest to us of Jesus

a model where our families, close friends

can come to know Jesus through our words and actions

for those who know us best cannot see our devotion and faith are sincere, how can we proclaim the good news to anyone else?

As we recall the faith of Andrew

we thank you for those who supported us in our faith

parents who took us to church

youth fellowship leaders who supported our growing faith

chance encounters at weddings and funerals where the service spoke to us in ways we cannot fully explain

May you continue to call to yourself, Christ Jesus

people of faith who will do these tasks for you

people who have a deep rooted faith that it draws in others

that they wish to serve and honour you

in all they do and are

King of Heaven

in you heaven and earth meet

we praise and thank you for our beautiful country

where bards and poets

writers and novelists have attempted to capture the splendour of the landscape

the culture

the people

we praise you we live in a land of creativity and culture

a country which values tolerance and inclusion

we know it’s not prefect, but it is ours

Lord God

we pray today for those who do not see the wonder of our country

for they are struggling financially

they are burdened with looking after ill family members

they are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one

sustain them with your joy

comfort them in your peace

protect them with your love

and grant to us the courage to help relieve the burdens of those in this church, in our families, in our communities in the ways we can

We offer these, our prayers, in and through Jesus Christ our Lord, the Messiah