Opening prayer 13 March 2016

Heavenly Father

the one who set the stars in their places

the one who determined the position of the sun and the orbit of the moon

we give your honour and praise this day

Heavenly Father

the one who declared the place of the earth on its axis

the one who appointed the seasons of the year

the one who established who granted to all creation these marker by which time is measured

we give you honour and praise this day

for without the measure of the time, how would we know our lives stories?

Without the measure of time, how could we know how long we have waited for good news?

Without the measure of time, how would we know when to come here, in reverence and love, to worship you in song, in prayer and in word this hour?

Guide our path through the wilderness, we pray.

Give us streams of water to follow, where life is abundant

Assist us to follow the new way you have planned for us.

That we may ever honour and proclaim your praise, in all we are, all we do, all we say, this day and always

Holy Spirit,

guide and challenge us

comfort and control us, to grow in discipleship

to grow in love and devotion for Christ our Lord

that, when we meet him face to face, we may hold nothing back from him

even where others may scorn our actions.

Christ our Lord

we bow at your feet

knowing we have failed you,

by showing false piety

by criticising others for their generosity

by saying one thing with our lips and another by our actions

Yet, when we look up from your feet, we see you smiling at us, with a care and gentleness which cannot be explained

and we know, we are forgiven, again and again, through your unfailing love