Approach and confession prayer 26 June 2022

Amazing Love

that is God

God whom we worship today

in song, in prayer

God who made all we can know

and so much more, we may never fathom


who is powerful creator

sustainer and redeemer of the universe


caring, compassionate, concerned about us

we, ordinary people

drawn together at this time, in this place

for different reasons

from different places

in awe and wonder that God wants our love

however imperfect our love may be

knowing we are imperfect

we offer our confessions before you, God

where we’ve sinned in thought, word and deed

forgive us we pray

forgive us through the love and power of the Holy Spirit moving through us today

forgive us in the love of Jesus, we pray

in being forgiven, anew today

may we have confidence in the love you offer Lord God

to follow the Way you lead us on

through Jesus

now and always, we pray