Approach and confession prayer 28 November 2021

Lord of Light

we come

we come to gather in your light

your presence

your love

to feel that warmth

radiating from you

illuminating our hearts, bodies, souls

banishing the fear of the dark

in the hope we have in you

our Light Bearing One

Brightest and Best of the Morning

May your luminous presence imbue our worship

with its brilliance

that our prayers,

our reflection on Your Word

our hymns of praise

may be full of to glory and honour

where the things we have said or not said

where the things we have done or not done

have failed to glorify you

Light Bearing One

forgive us

remember your great mercy and love

do not recall our sins

remind us you are faithful to your covenant of love

revealed through the One who is The Light in the Darkness

Christ Jesus

whose light, we pray, may drive out all darkness

we hold within

and fill us with the hope we long for