The Smell

This house had known the smell of death.

Lazarus had died, had been buried.

His body had been washed, anointed, wrapped in linen and placed in a tomb.

Mary and Martha had lost their brother.

They knew the smell of death

The smell of the spices used to prepare the body

The smell, the terrible smell, if the tomb wasn’t sealed.

From that tomb, Lazarus had walked.

Still wrapped in linen

Still smelling of the spices Mary and Martha had prepared his body with.

But alive, fully alive

Because Jesus had come.

And given them back their brother.

They wanted to celebrate

Celebrate life given back

Celebrate in having a feast for Jesus

A feast with Jesus.

The smell

Of warm bread

of wine

of fine meats

of cooking

filled the house

The wonderful smell of celebration

celebration of life, in all its wonder and glory

given to them by Jesus

What more could Mary do in gratitude

in worship of Jesus?

Nothing, nothing was too much for him.

Nothing at all.

He was worth everything she and Martha and Lazarus had

Even that nard, worth so much.

It was for a special occasion.

What was more special than this?

Than celebrating life given back.

The smell

as Mary poured the nard over Jesus’ feet

overwhelming smell

overpowering smell

the smell of death was no more

for Jesus had overpowered it

The smell of beauty filled the air

Changed the atmosphere

Judas did not like to see the waste.

Waste of money.

But it wasn’t a waste of money.

What was a year’s wages compared to life given back to one who was dead?

But Jesus wasn’t dead

this was for his burial

How, why?

Once more, the smell of death was in the air