Opening prayer 30 April 2017

Lord God

Heavenly Father

Almighty Lord

These are the names we honour

these are the names we praise

these are the names we say

to the one who is our all in all

the one who threw stars into space

the one who knitted us together in our mothers’ wombs

the one who called us

from the beginning of time

you have been calling us, Lord God

calling us to be your people

calling us to focus our lives on you

calling us to devote our selves to worship and service

of the one who made all we are, all we have

all that have been, all that is yet to be

Why, Lord God, would you honour us so?

We who are mere mortal, frail, weak

to bring you honour and praise?

For even if we were not here to glorify your name, surely the very stones which surround us would shout their adoration?

That you wish us to know you, to love you, is so much more than we deserve

for we have failed to worship and serve you in all we say and do

we pray our sins be forgiven, but we fail to forgive others

we ask you judge us with fairness and compassion, yet are quick to condemn others

we pray for inclusion and welcome, but tolerate systems which exclude

Lord, in your mercy, we pause to recall the many ways we have let you down


may we humbly turn away from sin and towards the way of life your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord taught

We seek your guidance this hour, through your Holy Spirit, as we mediate on your Word

that together we may be the ones who are Holy, as you are Holy

that together we may be true followers and disciples of Jesus Christ