Approach and confession prayer 6 September 2020

Sing to God

song of worship

in voice

in body

in mind

in soul

Sing praises to God

for the Lord’s deeds are marvellous

rejoice in the One

who made heaven and earth

dance and be merry

at the throne of grace

with hearts filled with gladness

joy and wonder

for even if only 2 were gathered

in person

or across the internet

Jesus is here

with us

blessing us

accepting our worship

offered with sincere and contrite hearts

as his church

his holy people

whom he loves

whom he cares for

whom he adores

as we offer our praise this day

our Lord and King

we pause to repent

and seek your forgiveness

for we know we have sinned against one another

in criticising, rather than encouraging

in talking behind another’s back, rather than speaking to them in love

in putting our own thought and needs and opinions before those of others

for these, and the many other ways we have failed, we are truly sorry and seek your blessing and mercy, Christ Jesus

may we know the forgiveness Christ offers

that renewed and cleansed

we can follow where he leads