Opening prayer 4 September 2016

Universe forming Lord

By your word,

stars and galaxies,

atoms and particles,

rocks and all living things were called into being

called into being through your expression of love

a love which has formed and moulded

your people, your church, in this place

to be your disciples, to love you most of all,

to place following Jesus Christ as at the very centre of our lives

Come, Lord God, through your Holy Spirit

come to guide our hearts and minds

in our praise and prayers

our worship and in hearing your word to us

that in your hands, we may be shaped and formed into your living church,

bearers of the cross of Jesus Christ your son

under the shadow of which we stand

in awe and wonder that you counted the cost of love

and withheld nothing, not even your own Son

teach us to do the same

to focus all we do on you

on building your kingdom here, now


Christ Jesus

you taught us many things

to love one another, to love our enemies

to love God, with our very beings, our whole selves

but we forget to count the cost of love

we hold back part of ourselves, in the fear we’ll be disappointed or hurt

we don’t finish the tasks entrusted to us, giving up when things become difficult or too costly to bear

we fail to be like clay in you hands, willing to be moulded by your gentle caress into the beautiful pots you wish us to be


Remind us of your cross, Christ our Lord, a cross where all our sins were forgiven, once and for all

may we receive your forgiveness, that we can forgive ourselves and lay our burdens down

that we may follow, in true and costly discipleship

the one who gave us all

You, Christ Jesus, our saviour, our friend