Approach and confession prayer 10 February 2019

With our whole hearts, Praise the Lord

With our whole minds, Praise the Lord

With our whole spirits, Praise the Lord

With our whole bodies, Praise the Lord

For the Lord is Holy, Holy, Holy

God Almighty

Heaven and earth are God’s

Past, present, future, meet in God’s presence

God’s presence, which we long to know

we long to bow at God’s Holy Temple

and praise God’s Holy name

Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord

for it is right to give our praise

may our praise waft to heaven as fragrant incense

together, blending our worship with seraphim

angels and all the heavenly host

with the saints

and all God’s people

in never ending adoration

for the whole earth is full of God’s glory

Holy God

reveal your glory to us this hour

fill this place with your presence

make the very foundations of this building tremble

with your glory

that we may be filled with awe and wonder

that we may place you front and centre of our lives

that all we say and do, all we think, all we are will be touched with the flame of your unending love

be touched with a burning coal of compassion

that we will be cleansed from our unclean words,

that our guilt will be removed

that our sin will be atoned for

though Christ our Lord

our saviour

our friend

who calls to us


Your sins have been forgiven.”

Forgiving Christ

inspire and challenge us through the Holy Spirit

to, when you call to us “who will I send”

we will reply “Here I am. Send me”

leaving all which gets in the way of your calling behind

trusting in your unfailing love

as we bring our praise and adoration

this hour and all the days of our lives