Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 23 September 2018

Teaching God

We praise you for revealing your Way to us

showing us your path

unveiling to us your course

through the words we have heard and sung

through the Word of life coming to us in Christ, your Son

through your presence with us in the Deepest level of our Longing

thank you for always leading us, even when we bicker with our fellow Christians

thank you for always directing us to the way of true greatness

Servant hood

Serving Christ

We praise you for showing us how to serve

in all you did and taught your first disciples

stir within us hearts which long to serve

wills which are submitted to God

that all we do, all we say, all we ask for

is to the Holy One’s glory

We thank you for all who serve us

community councillors

bin men

office cleaners

shop assistants

bus drivers

government officials


all in high office

all who do the jobs no one else wants to do

all who are easily forgotten, until they are not there

may we cherish their service

in thanks and support

being willing to let others serve us

as we are willing to serve

Serving Spirit

purify our heats that we may come closer to you

closer to the true image of God within us

as we come closer to God

may we trust God comes closer to us

granting us God’s wisdom to love as God loves

to serve as Christ serves

we thank you that we can serve others

in what we can do for them

may all our service be filled with joy

not counting the cost

not grudgingly

but willed with God’s care, compassion and wisdom

Through Christ our Lord