Approach and confession prayer 5 July 2020


we come to worship you today

we come to drink deeply from the burn of your compassionate love

we come to heard your word

we come to offer our prayers

our hurts, our pain

our joy, our delight

knowing you do not forget nor abandon us

that we are like prince and princesses in your royal court

your adopted children

whom you love

and long for us to know more and more of that love

in love

come to us, Lord God

send the Spirit to be with us

to bring comfort and healing

to us and to the world in which we live

show us how to do good

to do the good you long for us to do

forgive us of all the times we have failed to do good

in bending rules to suit our own selfish needs

in following the ways of the world, rather than the path of Christ

in being quick to criticise, but slow to complement

for these, and many other ways we’ve sinned

forgive us

in your great compassion

forgive us

Lord God

through Christ Jesus’ salvation who delivers us


we pray