Approach and confession prayer 23 June 2019 B

In Awe and wonder we come, Lord God

we gather in this place

a place which cannot be holy through human endeavour

but which can be holy through you being here with us

your presence which makes us feel we must bow and worship

hide our faces

cover our shame

for we are far from perfect

we often feel we are not worthy to even consider approaching your throne of Grace

but yet, Lord God, that is your deepest longing

that we would worship you in spirit and truth

that we would come together in the name of your Son, Christ Jesus, our Lord

offer our prayer and petitions

our praises and our pleas

at this time, at this place

to call upon your glorious, Holy name and know love, amazing love which longs for us to be embraced in that love

Lord God

we long to be embraced in your love

send that love to us as we gather here today

send that love through the power of the Holy Spirit to cleanse our thoughts and minds of all that would distract our true devotion to the one who gives us everything

Christ Jesus

once more, enter our hearts, minds and souls

remove our sins and set us free

to be your followers

to be the people you call us to be