Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 2020

Sovereign Lord

honour and glory and praise and thanksgiving we bring to your throne this day

we are on the cusp of something new

as Simeon and Anna were

they saw your salvation, your redemption

in Christ Jesus

looked him in the eye, held him

and knew, just knew the covenant made was fulfilled

For all the promises you keep

sustaining the earth with rain and sun

filling the earth with resources to use for the benefit of all the world

coming to us, God incarnate, to live with us

clothing us in your salvation

we praise and thank you

these are so much to us, it is hard to express in our frail human words

but our hearts lift up our praise in ways words never can


Word of God

Christ Jesus

the light for all the peoples of the world

send your light into the dark places of the world this day

the places where violence is near, so very near

the places where words have been used to strip self-esteem and self-worth

the places where diagnoses bring little hope

the places where the earth burns

the places where power is used to hurt and maim

the places where suffering is out of sight and out of mind

the places we could never imagine or comprehend the evil acts people can and do commit against their fellow human beings


Christ Jesus

in your great mercy and love

send the spirit to these places and situations

be with those who help and support

those who sacrifice much to help others and the earth

those who need your light the most

and to us

that we would constantly pray for your goodness and mercy to roll as cool, refreshing water across patched land

knowing you know all these situations and more

and, with the Father and Holy Spirit

are bringing about the great and good plan for all the earth

redemption for all the nations

salvation for all the earth

we thank you for this promise, which our eyes have seen through Christ, our Lord