Approach and confession prayer 7 August 2022

From dawn till dusk

The Lord God

shall be praised

a constant wave of adoration across the globe

for even when we slumber

even when our skies are dark

others are awake

their skies are lit

they bring their devotion to God

it is never ending

and here we come

come to add our hearts and minds and voices

to this great chorus

of acclamation

in our worship today

gathering as God’s consecrated people

through faith in the Son

Christ Jesus

may we hear your voice

in our prayers

in your Word

in our music

in the mediations of our hearts

offered as our sacrifice

on your throne of grace

Amazing Grace

fill us with the spirit

we pray

cleanse and renew us

as we humbly bring our confessions

into the quietness of this place


in the name of Christ

and the power of the Holy Spirit

receive the forgiveness you are offered

be set free

and know you are God’s chosen people

now and always