Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 9 January 2022


full of power and might

we bless you

bless and honour you

that we are yours

you redeemed us

you name us

we are yours

no matter how difficult things may be

for us in our lives

in our work

in the life of the church

you promise the river will not sweep over us

that even when we walk through fire

we won’t be burned

thank you for this promise

a promise we know you keep

as you keep all your promises

all the covenants of grace

you give us

and the world

today we especially thank you for the covenant of grace revealed in baptism

the sign that we are yours

you love us

and call us to you

in your Son, Jesus


thank you for being baptised for us

as an example of how we should follow you

help us to remember all who are baptised are part of your church

united to you

today we recall those who have been baptised today

may they know they are baptised and loved beyond imagining

we also remember Christians in parts of the world

where baptism is hard to obtain

due to persecution

remind them they are baptised in the spirit

may that knowledge, and the knowledge Christians throughout the world are praying for them

sustain them in their faith

Faithful God

we praise and thank you for your faithfulness to us

you constantly longing to gather all your children into your loving embrace

may your name be glorified throughout this land

though our actions

of love and kindness

may the leaders of our land

guide with wisdom, grace and courage

through the power of your spirit moving within them

and those from whom they seek advice

guide your people through the waters

protect them from the fire

grant rest to those who are weary

comfort and relief to those who suffer

peace to those who are worried

and to all your people

assurance of life everlasting