Opening prayer 23 October 2016

God our Saviour

in you is the hope of all the earth

from shore to shore, the whole world rests upon your goodness

in you, Lord God, is hope and salvation

for all of creation

For by your power the mountains were formed

in your strength, you separated the water from the land

in your mercy, you still the turmoil of the nations


Almighty God

we marvel at your wonders

from dawn to dusk,

in the changes of the season

in the birth of a child

all bring forth your joy to the world

all sing of your glory, know of your goodness

your goodness shown through your care for this land, which is enriched through your mighty hand

we bow in humility that you are our God and we are your people

that you reveal the spectacle of heaven and earth to us

both through our observation of the created world and in our worship together, this hour, this day

May this time in praise and devotion honour you and you alone, Lord God

may all we say and do and think be acceptable in your sight, Our Father

That we may be justified, not through our own work, but through your goodness and mercy which endures forever and ever

Forgiving God

may we lay the burdens of this week aside

the burdens of guilt and shame we carry with us, day after day

the pain of knowing we have sinned against you and against others

the sorrow we have when we realise we have at times been self-righteous and judgemental.

Come and wipe the slate clean, Lord God

release us from all which burdens us

and remind us we are forgiven of these and all the ways we have failed you this week in and through Jesus Christ our Lord