Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 29 January 2017

Lord God

what can we offer in thanks to the one who has given us all?

How can we bring our praises to the one who blesses us in wonderful abundance?

It is hard to figure out how to express our gratitude, to decide where to begin to offer our gratefulness


we being with that which is around us

this building in which we can gather, a physical testament to generations of faithful worship in this place

those sitting to our left and right, in front and behind us

together our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ

the clothes on our back and the money in our wallets or purses

thank you Lord God for all we have

we recall before you those who have no roof above their head, no where to rest their weary heads, no place to be safe and secure

May they know safety and security in you, Lord God.

We recall those who clothes are tattered and torn, through violence, poverty, injustice

Guide our hands to end violence and poverty, bring into being justice, that all may be clothed

Guide the minds of law makers and law enforcers that violence and poverty may be ended

that justice will prevail across this land and across your world

And grant to us the courage to put our words into actions, that we truly will be people who do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with the Lord our God

for in so doing, all who are touched by our actions know they are blessed and loved by God