GA 2015 Living Stones opening 17 May 2015

Eternal God

it was you who stretched a measuring line over the the universe and decreed its dimensions

it was you who set the earth on its foundations

it was you who laid the cornerstone for the world

on that day, the stars sang together and the heavenly beings shouted for joy

we add our voices to this chorus of praise, begun at the dawn of time, continuing through the ages, with angels and saints and all God’s people, in wonder, awe and admiration for all the beauty and complexity of life, of the world, of the universe.

Living Lord

come, make your presence known to us, that we may see heaven descending to us, descending to us, that we may know your glory, your grace, your love

Speak to us, through music, song, words and silence, that we may be built up, built up to become your holy, special possession.

Built up to be part of your living church, built upon the solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ as our saviour and Lord.

Sometimes, Lord God, though our foundation is solid, our walls shake with doubt and fear, due to uncertainty of knowing where you would place us in your great building project.

Sometimes, Lord God, though our foundation is solid, we feel you wish to move or shape us within your living church building, and we resist.

Sometimes, Lord God, though our foundation is solid, we use our walls to protect ourselves, rather than open the doors wide to welcome your people in

Forgive us, Builder God.

Clear away the rubble and walls which get in the way of us being your church

take away the the barriers of fear and prejudice, that we can build our lives on the cleared ground where safety and warmth and love and compassion may reign

as we become one with each other and with your Son, Jesus Christ our sure foundation, who taught us to pray together:


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