Opening Prayer 11 October 2015

Lord God

rich beyond all splendour, all knowing, all comprehension

stars and moons waltz in prefect dances according to your tune

winds and weather pirouette through the skies swirling in harmony to your music

rivers and seas sway in time to the beat of your melody

a wonderful melody which carries the words of life and love to all creation, to the whole universe

a melody you invite us to hear, to engage with, to add our voices to

we delight we are part of your very good creation

we delight to come together, as your church, part of your worldwide family, in this time, in this place

to hear your word, to offer our prayers, to deepen our understanding and love of you

May our worship be made holy in your sight, Lord our God

may it waft up to the heavens to mingle with the saints and heavenly beings in the never ending hymns of praise

Send your holy spirit to move within and around us this hour, to set aside all which prevents our total, full devotion to you and you alone

Forgiving Lord

we know there are many ways we have failed to place you at the centre of our lives and let other things crowd you out

fear, disappointment, selfishness, anger, worry, greed all serve to push you away from us

we have also failed to act with justice and compassion at times,

through making assumptions about people due to their background, the place they live, the friends they have

through labelling the other and failing to see the loved person

and in so doing, we fail show your love in your world

we know prefect lives are impossible for us to live, but all is made possible through your love for us, Lord God

for you are a God of justice and mercy, slow to anger and abounding in love, offering us forgiveness these and all the myriad of ways in which we have fallen from the way of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, in whose name we pray saying: