Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 5 October 2017

Lord God

we praise and bless you for the rules which govern nature

rules which allow the orbits of planets to be predicted

rules which bring into being the turning of the seasons

rules which allow for times of planting and times of reaping

these are rules set in the very fibre of the universe, rules we barely think about

Sovereign Lord

we praise you for the law you gave to Moses

10 commands to give right living

with you, with others

we thank you for the rules, the laws, the commandments which bring life

where we are pleased at our neighbour and our enemies having beautiful things

where we respect all human life, even the life of those who hate us

where we respect others, where we are listened to and valued as parents, grandparents

all bring life

we praise you for this

Christ our King

you came to show us life, life in all its fullness

we thank you for this gift, where the law of Moses was fulfilled

for all people, in all times, in all places

we recall before you those who live by rules which bring death

death to others, death to relationships

those who value the right to own guns above the right to life of others

those who have cheated on their wives or husbands

those who have lied about their neighbours

may they turn from their ways

may they seek forgiveness

may they realise their way takes away dignity, takes away life

Holy Spirit

Guide us, as your people, in this place

to be examples of how God’s laws bring life

to be witnesses of truth and grace and love

through Jesus Christ our Lord