Opening prayer 1 May 2016

Lord God Almighty

your name is the name above all names

holy, worthy of all praise and adoration

without blame, perfect, full of love

such is the holiness of your name, Lord God

some dare not speak it, for fear they would taint that most blessed of names

We can and do speak your name, the great I AM


for you have come to us, in and through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord

so we can know your name, speak your name, love your name

as we are made whole and renewed through Christ Jesus

we offer our praise to you, God

praise in word and song and our very beings

come, be with us this hour, through your holy spirit

bless our time with you, with one another

Lord God

assist our hearts to open to your guiding presence with us, eternal Father

accept our worship, eternal Son

move within us, eternal Spirit

ever three, ever one

We adore you, we love you

But our adoration and love are imperfect

for we are fearful of the future

what it may bring, what you may demand of us

we are fearful we have failed to live up to your commands, to love you, love your neighbour, love ourselves

we are fearful the way you call us to follow is not the route we have planned

Speak your peace to us, once more, Christ Jesus, reassure us once more of your love for us

remind us, once more, we are forgiven of all our sins and released from all our fears and doubts

time and time again