Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 20 August 2017

God of Justice

we praise you for guiding us to do what is right, not only for ourselves, but for those around us, for the whole life of the world

May we see your challenge to us through the eyes of those who do not know justice

that we may do what is right, in your eyes, that justice may flow through this land

God of freedom

before we knew you, we were yours

you gathered us to yourself

blessed us, set us free from exile to be your people

we thank you for gathering us in

that we may come to your holy place with our offerings praise

we pray you may use us

to gather others to you

that they may know the freedom you give

freedom which richly blesses

Blessing Christ

there are times when the things you say and do confuse us

you admonish the Pharisees for excluding others, yet you ignored someone who needed your help

but, as she persisted, her deepest desire was granted and she knew the blessings of the Son of David

May we be ever thankful for your blessings, granted when we persist

As those on the margins cry out to you, Lord

may we hear their plea and not turn them away

may we give much more than crumbs from the table, but a place of honour there

Table setting King

at your table

all your people may gather

gather to live in unity

we thank you we are united to you, in the Holy Spirit, and to our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world

may unity be our aim, may unity be our purpose

Guide us to gather in those who have been pushed away, because they are outspoken

or they do not fit with our ideas of who can be part of your people, due to terrible crimes they have committed

because they have drug or alcohol problems

because they are gay or transgender

Son of David, have mercy on us when we push others away

grant to us the courage to listen to those who cry out to you

that through your blessing poured out richly on our heads,

all the people may find blessing, healing, wholeness, salvation