Approach and confession prayer 11 August 2019


Ultimate Authority

Fount of all Goodness

Righteous before the nations

Purveyor of Justice

Source of Love

these are some of your names, God

the names we call you

in order to capture something of who you are

in our limited human language

if only we could speak as the heavenly angels do

singing your praises around the mercy seat

bowing low at your throne

worshipping you hour by hour, day by day, year by year

in unbroken adoration

how can our devotion this hour compare?

How can we show our love and commitment to the one who gives us everything

from the blood pumping through our arteries

to this building in which we gather

and the landscape which surrounds us

what we can seem so small, so insignificant

compared to all you are, Lord God

yet we are blessed to be called children of the most high

we, as your little flock, are inheritors of the kingdom of God

this is amazing, your love and trust you have for us

may we hear this in our songs, our prayers

through our meditation on your Word, this hour

that our praise is to your honour and glory

Glorious Christ

send your glory to us this hour

that we may become peacemakers and peace givers

builders of the Kingdom

even as a seemingly little flock

beginning by seeking forgiveness

through acknowledging we have failed in thoughts, words and deeds.

In things we have done, in things we have failed to do

in things we have said, in things we have failed to say

humbly, we bring all of them before you, Christ Jesus

May we know, once more, we are set free from all our sins, all our burdens, all our failings

to be bearers of the kingdom of God

revealed through Christ Jesus