Approach and confession prayer 17 October 2021

The Lord is light

the Light is God’s garment

the clothing of God’s splendour

The Lord

stretches across the light the heavens

like a tent

enveloping mountains and stars

forests and fields

animals and humans

in that light

that light which is love

love borne and shown through

the roar of the stag

the gentle trickle of the burn

the wondrous incarnation of the light

as our saviour

Christ Jesus

our great high priest

who suffered


and is the source of eternal salvation

praise the Lord

our souls

for this blessing

as we worship this day

may the Spirit move within and around us

as we sing

meditate on the Word

offer our prayers

through the one who marked the dimensions of the earth’s foundations

who knows all our hearts

all our false ambition

all our misunderstandings of the Way of the kingdom of God

all the ways where we have sinned in word, thought and deed

and forgives us

yes, the One who is light

pours that light into us this day

burning away the darkness within

to set us free