Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 10 November 2019

Holy God

Mighty and majestic

we thank you we can know you

we can praise you

we can feel your presence with us

every day of our lives

through the companionship of the Holy Spirit

how we long for others to know the joy knowing you brings

a deep joy, which passes all understanding

a deep joy, which knows no bounds

a deep joy, where love overflows into every aspect of life

praise God, thanks be to God that we know this joy in our lives

Living One

we praise and thank you for coming, Incarnate, to be with us

to show us a better way of living

where the Kingdom of God allows all to flourish

to know life in all its fullness

we bring before you those where life is limited

the Dad, holding down 2 jobs to keep his family together

the Wife, not sleeping, as she worries about her ill husband

the Child, bullied at school for being different

the shop worker, facing redundancy

the friend, wondering why their best friend took their own life

the sister, supporting their sibling whose baby died the dame day he was born

the nurse, who feels they are so busy they cannot care for their patients as they’d like


the list goes on and on, Living One

some of these situations are known to us,

some are not

but we know they are all know to you

so with faithful and hopeful hearts,

we offer all places, people and situations

where life is not know in its fullest


Life Giving one

We praise and thank you for all your blessings in our lives

may we use the blessings we have to bring your blessings to others, in this place

to create just a wee bit of the Kingdom of God

through Christ our Lord, we pray