Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 13 August 2017

Living Lord

You came to the disciples in the midst of the wind and waves and calmed their fears

we thank you that, when we seem far from shore, and the waters buffet our boats

you come to us, speak reassurance to us and calm our fears

Calming Christ

you say to us “Come”

and we are eager to come to you

but as we step out from our boats, we being to sink as we become distracted by the waves of self-doubt which seek to overwhelm us

we thank you for reaching out to us, pulling us from that which would drown us and setting us once again in the place of safety

Grant us the courage to set aside our doubts, our fears that, as we step out of the boats which restrict us

we can be the people who boldly proclaim our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord

proclaim it in our words

proclaim it in our actions

that all may experience the rich blessings of knowing the love of God

Holy Spirit

excite and inspire us to step out of our boats, the places of familiarity and comfort

that we can go when Jesus says “come”

to go to the places where there is despair and bring hope

to go to the people who are drowning and pull them from that which would consume them

to go to the places where there people have a little faith and support them to grow to love the Lord more

Peace giving God

you calmed the waters when you entered the disciples’ boat

calm the turmoil in our world

particularly this week, we pray for the situation in North Korea

bring calm, bring peace, bring mercy

that all who call in the name of the Lord may be saved