Approach and confession prayer 5 April 2018

Lord God

We wish to worship and adore you

we wish to come before you this glorious day

in reverence and fear

bowing at the throne of the one who was crowned with thorns

in our weakness and humility

knowing as we look up

to that head which was so adorned

we see love

love in the eyes of the one who came for our salvation

love in the eyes who came for the redemption of the world

love in the eyes of the one who came to restore all God’s people to a right relationship with God and with one another

what love is this, that we can know it?

What love is this, which comes to us in

our weakness,

our brokenness,

our fragility

and shows us how he too came in weakness for us and for all of creation.

Lord God

we wish to worship and adore you

for all you have done for us

for all you have done for the world

but there are things which hold us back from full devotion

we don’t think we have anything we can give to our Lord

we focus on what we can no longer do

we worry about things which we cannot change

we sense our inadequacy and loss

Christ Jesus

forgive us

forgive us for all the ways we have failed to trust in your never ending goodness

forgive us for not offering all we can to the one who accepts us as we are

God’s beloved children

Jesus Christ, the Risen one