Approach and confession prayer 4 April 2021

Today is a day the Lord has made

we rejoice in it

we rejoice, for a new day

a new dawn

a new life

this triumphant Holy Day

Easter has arrived

the stone has been rolled away

the tomb is empty

for Christ is risen

he is risen indeed

it is amazing we can celebrate the destruction of the shroud which enfolds all people

death has been swallowed up by God the Father

through the resurrection of God the Son

let us rejoice in this salvation

let us worship in spirit and in truth

through our prayers

and by reflecting again on the Easter story

for Christ has risen

he has risen indeed

Risen One

imbue us with your love, through the Spirit, we pray

fill our hearts with joy and gladness this day

joy and gladness that in your death and resurrection

we are freed

from sin and death

if we truly believe and confess

so we now pause

to confess before you our sins

our failure to testify you, Christ Jesus, as judge and Lord of all creation

our failure to care for others as ourselves

our failure to be good stewards of your creation

in our own failings

and in common with others

this Easter day

may we look to the empty cross

which proclaims to the world

that sins are forgiven through the love of God the Father revealed through God the Son

and know we are forgiven

for Christ has risen

he has risen indeed