Liturgy for the dedication of a tree

This liturgy was written for the liturgy of a tree in memory of an individual. Please feel free to adapt to your needs, but a credit would be nice 🙂

Opening words

The tree of life is first described in Genesis, planted in the garden of Eden

Proverbs says she is a tree of life to those who hold her

those who hold the tree of life fast are called happy

today we come, with mixed emotions.

Sad that a life ended

glad there is a hope and a future

for name, for us and for all God’s people

in that hope, let us sing

hymn Morning has broken


Almighty God

without you nothing is strong,

nothing is holy

from the birth of creation, your breath,

the breath of life

has been in all living things

you care for all life,

animals of the sea and land

birds of the air

plants of the garden and croft

the trees of the forest and field

all clap their hands in praise of their maker, sustainer, redeemer

We come before you today

in humility and meekness

seeking your blessing in the life of this tree

which is planted to remember, name,

the one we loved

our daughter

our friend

our companion on the way

May this tree take root in this soil

drawing from it water and nutrients

so it may grow and blossom

bringing beauty in flower and leaf

offering shelter to birds and insects

enriching this place with its presence and life

May this tree’s presence in this place

speak to all who see it of the power of the life of the world

revealed in and through Jesus Christ our Lord

who knew and understood trees

as a carpenter’s son

and who went to death on a cross, formed from a tree

that has become for us the tree of life

for Christ’s death and resurrection

gives us the hope and assurance

of death overcome

no more pain, no more sorrow


Let us hear from the word of God, from Revelation 22

Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life. It was as clear as glass and came from the throne of God and of the Lamb. It runs down the centre of the street in the city. On each side of the river was the tree of life. It gives twelve different kinds of fruit. It gives this fruit twelve times a year, new fruit each month. Its leaves are used to heal the nations.

Trees are symbols of life and healing throughout the bible, from the tree of life in Genesis to revelation

bringing healing for the nations

bringing fruit each month

Planting of the tree

so we plant this tree for the glory of God

a reminder that in life or death, nothing can separate us from the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord

And we dedicate ourselves, to the service of God

that all name meant to us,

all she cared for,

all she loved

will continue to flourish and grow

in this place

and in our words and actions

that love will take root in our lives

and blossom and grow

sustained in and through the love you give each one of us


Gracious and life giving God

we bless and praise you for all name meant

and continues to mean to us

for all she did with her life

for all the love she gave us

may her memory live on in this tree

and in each of us who knew and loved her

be with those who were closet to name

especially name‘s loved ones

sustain them with the love of God

falling down on them, as rain from heaven

will sustain this tree

grant them hope for the future

and the peace Christ alone can bring

Christ Jesus

grant to us the willingness to be watered and nourished in your love

that we may support one another in our grief

this day, and forevermore


let us sing praises to God once more, singing Hymn All things bright and beautiful


Go in the knowledge that the tree of life

brings healing to the nations

healing which is for you

through the grace and peace of Christ

and may the blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

be with you and all those you love

this day and forevermore